Fixed Media is Full

BKF Repair Tool enables you to perform scanning on the corrupted BKF files before retrieving the backup files. The most common error “The Fixed Media is full” is managed by our organization as this tool enables you to recover those backup files which were corrupted while backup system users were backing up files exceeding the allocated size.

“Rarest of the Rare situation to come out of Fixed Media issue is possible by our organization”


Easily Handle Fixed Media is Full Situation

NTBackup users often face with a very common error related to size of media when backing up of a file is done on FAT (File Allocation Table) File System.

The Fixed Media is full. You cannot proceed further in the backing up process.”

This “Fixed Media is full” error arises whenever BKF file makes an effort to go beyond the maximum size allocated.  The Fixed media is full means that backup system users cannot back up their files any more i.e. making replicas of BKF is not possible further.

BKF Repair Tool considers seriously on this matter and helps the backup system executives to come out of this critical situation. To come forth of this situation, backup system users would need effective and valuable tool for backup recovery.

How “Fixed Media is Full Error” is managed by our organization?

Corrupted BKF Files are recovered by BKF Recovery Tool by extracting the BKF files from the backup system. Our organization endeavor to make Backup System Administrators satisfied by BKF Repair tool’s user friendly features.